and you,i don’t know what else to say but, honestly… i can’t tell you all the things you want to hear because, i’m tired of lying.

maybe i am hurt. maybe i won’t be ok as soon i as want to. maybe i did like him enough to love him. maybe he meant a lot to me. maybe at first i really wanted you to consider giving him a chance. at church i was taught to give other people another chance. but maybe, you just aren’t like that. maybe it’s a mistake. maybe there are times when i wish you weren’t like that. maybe …

but if this is the only way to make you believe that i care, that you mean something… if there really isn’t any other way.. then, i guess, i just won’t tell you how it feels. and don’t ask.

you keep saying that you only want whats best for me but i an’t help but grind my teeth and ask myself while pulling my hair, who are you to make such judgements that he couldn’t? lagi, i’m too young. honestly, i have my parents to remind me about those kinda shit. blahblah. if you told me to jump off a cliff.. i wouldn’t.. so how is this any different?

tell me, what was wrong with him? UGH! shit!

Fight for love. Give – up for friendship.

you always thought i was pathetic when it came to love but when i look backk i can’t because it was pure. i knew what i had and i kept it plain and simple.

and now, not meanning to hurt anybody all i can say is, i was pathetic listenning to someone who couldn’t listen to me.

can we both stop lying. pretending to be someone we aren’t. we’re not that great. we’re not perfect and most of all, we’re not worth believing anymore.

i want this to be the last! i’m lving my life. i wanna be happy

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  1. ei, if you ever need me, you know i’m there. yeah, we all get hurt, i’ve been there. but.. one thing that makes me hold on is the feeling that i know i’m loved and that.. i know someone out there cares. .
    got lotz to chika, get well soon..

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