february 13, 2007

we’re changing for the fun of it
you’re changing because you know i want you to
and i’m changing because i know i have to

in a few hours, it’ll be valentines day and well, i’m not expecting anything. not even anything from Francis. because although hearts, hugs and kisses make me melt, it’s a little too expected. di bitaw. yeah, let me be selfish. i wanna the prettiest buoquet there is. i wanna be spoiled for once and yeah, i guess i want what every other girl wants on valentines day. and even though i don’t understand what power flowers have [which btw, i want to have in the future], honestly, i guess i just don’t wanna be one of the girls who isn’t going to get anything on valentines day and according to my statistics, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

but valentines day will not be valentines for me. it’ll be single awareness day. haha. so that i won’t feel so bad about not having a valentine on that day. lol

but yeah, i like expecting the worst so that it won’t happen. HAHA. but that’s just ME

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