beenn busy

i’ve been busy which is good and really productive. been spending time with friends as much as i could but you know i always end my day wishing i had spent it with james or something of the matter and i just go to bed feeling horrible.

i’ve tried astral dating at least 3 times and it hasn’t worked at all.

i’ve started drawing. i’ll show them soon

24 minutes to goo

Boredom kills.

Rule #1:
If you open this you GOTTA take it.

Rule # 2:
You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks.

Rule #3:
Only answer True or False.

Q: Kissed more than one person on your top friends? false
Q: Kissed someone you didn’t like? true
Q: You like someone? TRUE.
Q: Held a snake? trueeee
Q: Been suspended from school? false
Q: Kissed in the rain? true
Q: Sang in the shower? true
Q: Sat on a roof top? true
Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? true
Q: Broken a bone? false
Q: Shaved your head? false
Q: Played a prank on someone? true
Q: Had/have a gym membership? true
Q: Donated Blood? false
Q: Had your heart broken? TRUE TRUE TRUE
Q: Broken someone’s heart? true

“Who was your last?”
just be 100% truthful

1. You hung out with? nina
2. last person you texted? my mom :[
3. last person you slept next to? casey
4. Went to the movies with? james probably. i don’t remember
5. Went to the mall with? james
6. You talked to on the phone? james
7. Made you laugh? noone
8. You hugged? james
9. you kissed? james
10. Made you cry? james


1. Be serious or be funny? seriously funny.
2. Drink whole or skim milk? whole skimmed milk
3. Die in a fire or get shot? fire and shoot myself

yes, i am THAT sarcastic.


1. Sun or moon? sun
2. dark or light chocolate? light
3. left or right? left
4. Sunny or rainy? sunny.
5. Hugs or kisses? kisses.
6. Where do you live? cebu.
7. Rock or Techno? rock.
8. Do you want to get married? not anymore.
9. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? twirl cuz i’m fucking awesome.
10. Do you cook? i try
11. Current mood? hungry


1. Kissed someone? no. i’m so sad.
2. Sang? oh yeah
3. Been hugged? no.
4. Liked someone you can’t have? if i can’t have james back then maybe yes

here my new promise to myself. i WILL ANSWER ALL FOOD RELATED CRAVINGS.

i need the fat.

back from lunch

who said you couldn’t live off 60 pesos? you so totally can.

this is what i made out of my 60 pesos today [since that’s all i got out of the 150 i usually get]:
* a hotdog
* 2 gimbops
* big cup of iced tea

well, it’s not a lot and i’m not full either but my point is, 60 pesos isn’t THAT worthless. lmao.

anyways, i’m back in the library since i have noone to hang out with. but it’s ok. it’s my break from spending like 2 hours with ienne and mel. i have so much fun with those girls 🙂


monday monday

i have a break of exactly 6 hours and i have nothing to do and nowhere to go. well, i could’ve gone to nina’s but i gladly passed up the opportunity to miss hanging out with diana. i think i’m as annoyed by her as i’ve ever been. lol.

i’ve been out the past weekend. it’s been crazy. but then i still feel very sad and lonely in the middle. which is why i’m reminded about why i never really hung out with our guy friends to begin with. and i most definitely won’t be hanging out with them more since they’ve started smoking weed.

i mean, i’m not a kid or anything but i’ll be honest, i don’t wanna be around people like that. people who would rather get high than go to school. you know?

anyways, i drove estong’s car yesterday and james asked me out. i don’t know why. james’s mom texted me and i’ve just been really tired and blah lately.

today is one of those days where you don’t know what you want or who you wanna be with.



hey i’m on chabel’s laptop right now at her place. it’s sinulog sa sto. nino and we’re celebrating.

i’ve been out for days straight but i feel ordinary and it feels like each day just passes and nothing’s ever really intense for me.

except for james and i kissing yesterday.

i’m going to have soo much fun today because i’m spending it with chabel and nina who i have the best times with ^^

i’ll update sooooooon

miss you love

I’ve run out complicated theories
so now I’m taking back my words
I’m preparing for the breakdown
Your t-shirt lost its smell of you
and the bathroom’s still a mess
Remind me why we decided this was for the best…

Because I miss you love

I know the distance is a factor
but I stretch as often as I can
I hope to reach your hands any day now

Please don’t blame me for trying,
to fix this one last time
I have a hard time as it is

Because I miss you love

Don’t act like you don’t know me
It’s still me, I haven’t changed
I’ll be here when you come back

And I miss you love.

always on my mind

james and i danced this song on my 18th party. i can’t take not being with him anymore. i need him 😦

Maybe I didnt treat you
Quite as good as I should have
Maybe I didnt love you
Quite as often as I could have
Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasnt died
Give me, give me one more chance
To keep you satisfied, satisfied

Maybe I didnt hold you
All those lonely, lonely times
And I guess I never told you
Im so happy that youre mine
If I make you feel second best
Girl, Im sorry I was blind

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasnt died
Give me, give me one more chance
To keep you satisfied, satisfied

Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time
You were always on my mind
You are always on my mind
You are always on my mind

this boredom

is the kind that will eat me alive if i have to go through it everyday.

this boredom is the kind of boredom that will drive me insane and make me want to shave off all the hair off my head and dance around like a crazy bitch.

this boredom is the kind that will haunt me everyday if i don’t get a life.

this boredom is caused due to the absence of a specific someone who i miss dearly.

but is it enough to make me crack?

i think it almost is. :[

my phone is unusually quiet and it makes me wish that i didn’t even have one.

it supposed to be the start of our monthsary week. SUPPOSED TO.

my mom wants me to get back with james. i want to too which makes me a liar.

i am so borrrrreeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd :0

why i won’t be dating for 218739673286756435.5 years

ok so i’m in the library. skipped PE class cuz i just wanted to come to school not actually go to school and i’m here bumming around in the library trying to find something fun to do and yet there is absolutely nothing NOTHING to do around here. cebu is getting whack. i need a change.

i’ve considered cutting my hair really short [because no parlor in the whole fucking city wants to pirm my hair], i’ve also considered going out with my friends on saturday after fine dining and NOT going home. but then that’s probably a bad idea. and then at the bottom of my list, i’ve considered getting back with james.

in relation to the title of my blog, here is WHY I WON’T BE DATING FOR 218739673286756435.5 YEARS…

1st of all, because i don’t want to make the next guy feel bad.
        i know i can never give the same amount of time, love and effort as i did with james. nor do i ever want to. i’m done with it. and i don’t wanna do it again. plus, it wouldn’t be fair, you know?

2. because i’m done and doner
        i just can’t deal with it anymore

3. cuzzzz it’s the least of my priorities right now.
       and i do make a mean point.

i’m done. this post is lame. i’m just really bored.

i’ll buy a webcam soon and post porn on youtube. i am JUST KIDDING.

see yooooou.