i’m supposed to be finishing the term paper i’m getting paid to make but i’m just so lazy right now as i’ve been the past few days. so i guess i’ll push it aside and do it whenever i feel like making it again.

i had a really unproductive day at school today. i swear i just shouldn’t have gone. i just went to school for attendance for my anthro class and we had a film showing and i just stayed at the back of the room and read my book while listening to music on my iPod. right after that we went straight to SM to pass time. Sm was good. we had tokyo joe’s. that made me happy.

then i was supposed to buy a guniae pig but then the ones at Mascot petstore looked old so i didn’t buy nalang and to make up for not getting what i wanted, i bought myself a book 😀 i love my abilities to compensate for everything!

so now i’m reading the memory keeper’s daughter by kim someone.

but i really wanted to buy the shack. i just didn’t cuz i didn’t have enough money. i paid for nina’s lunch. sue me for being a nice friend.

i’m going out to get a facial right now so i’ll bounce.

i want casa verde tomorrow.

Promise lyrics

What you think about this?
I been holding it in now I’m letting it flow
What you think about this?
I’m gonna do my own thing yeah I’m flying solo so
Don’t tell me how its gonna be
On my own
And the thing of it is
There’s nothing round here that I’m gonna miss
Cause you’re holding me down
I just wanna fly
There comes a time when I gotta say goodbye
To the life that you see me in
Here’s where I begin

And I promise myself
I ain’t nobody’s, I just wanna be free
And I promise myself
Even though it don’t always come easy
Gonna learn from my pain
Never explain
Do it my way, that’s what I say
Promise myself
I’m the only one who will believe me

There’s a voice in my head
Telling me come on, come on, move on
There’s a voice in my head
Telling me I know my right from wrong
They say what doesn’t kill you can
Make you strong
Now I know what it means
You can try to bend but you ain’t breakin my dreams
I’ll be making mistakes
Comin up at a loss
I’ll be tumbling down
But Like MC shake it off
I’ll stay cool cause I know who’s boss
Of me, myself, and I

i’m addicted to my iPod again. good times.

hollah xxx


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