To Die By Your Side Is Such A Wonderful Way To Die

I’ve thought about coo-ing you to bed every night and waking you up to wonderful mornings.

And every time I say good night is just another night where I’m wishing that I could wake up beside you.

But I always wake up alone in this low bed with a panting dog and a bike I can’t bring myself to ride yet.

I wish there was coke in this damn house


Today I lost my job. In retrospect, I was “let go” and to saveface, it was a mutual agreement. Honestly? It’s a horrible feeling, really. It’s the first time that I’ve ever really failed at anything and I’m not used to that.

I know it should be humbling. It should be ok because I tried my best.

But just let me sulk for a bit, ok? I need to think of a backup plan to fund my Trip to someplace awesome where I can feel alive and those 23 pairs of shoes I wanted so bad.

Today is meh