Can we go back to loving each other? I was wrong and.stupid and I will always hate myself for that. Every dayI hate myself for all the mistakes I’ve made.


There has to be SOME logical explanation as to why it does not snow in the Philippines. 

I AM DA-INGGGG. get it? Daing. No? Ok.

Control Freaks

What is it with people and their weird obsession with controlling one another?

I’m a force that cannot be reckoned with and I am most definitely not a thing you can OWN and much more CONTROL so I wonder… what the hell makes YOU think that YOU or ANYONE else can?? Weird. People.

It’s a poor way of to live, to assume that there are things you can do that instantly gives you control over people. It’s an even worse way to think that monetary subsidization automatically means that another person can control you. I’m a big girl, I think I can handle things on my own.

My mother, folks. She thinks I can be bought by her worse enemy. How confident are you…