That’s the problem with not having a wall clock on my office walls or a clock that doesn’t tell accurate time on my desktop… you’ll never know when to stop working.

Whatever. lol

Hoping to start this week right and get everything together. I feel like I need to remind people that I actually have the power to fire them… just so they won’t step on little ol me anymore. 😦

Best Valentines Ever!

I don’t know about any of you but I just had the best poop after 3 days so my valentines is pretty much set.

Happy Valentines to all you hopeless romantic, head in the sky, go big or go home love birds out there. I hope you all wither and die along with your over priced bouquet of flowers….. Just kidding. I’m not bitter. I actually do have a love life.

You’ll Go Far

Honesty brings you a long way and surprisingly, people will understand when you tell them you had to find yourself which explains a period of absence in your life.

The best part is that when you decide to come back, they’re still there waiting for you and cheering you on which just makes all of this just so awesome.

Parts of me are still sad, parts of me still want to do other things (which in my opinion, will never ever go away) but at least now, I’m more enthusiastic about the things that I want to improve and I am more determined to get.more.done.

Looking forward to tomorrow. And the weekend. Definitely the weekend 🙂


My Sincerest Apologies

I deleted a previous entry due to the use of profanities.

I dropped the F bomb and I sincerely apologies for such behavior- it will not happen again.

I don’t like mushy, I’m so in love with you Issa- it just doesn’t feel right.

It doesn’t make me feel strong.

So if you read that article where I was caught using the word FOREVER- I have retracted my statement!

Let’s all go back to our lives now. Thanks!

Backtrack, retract, compose yourself

We are strong, independent, self sufficient, I-can-afford-help-so-i-don’t-need-to-learn-how-to-cook kind of women.

Say it, remember it, breathe it and carry it around like it’s a designer handbag that you could afford but wouldn’t usually spend on. Always remember that and hustle.

And try to keep in mind (no matter how hard the struggle is) that every love is different but IF it’s the love you feel is meant for you, then it’s the kind of love that you should never let go of.

char lang. butatek. and that is why you keep a private blog. LOL