Jellyfish VS People


Jellyfish are special creatures. They have no heart, brain or other vital body parts that can cause functioning but they still manage to cause significant damage to their enemies.

Just like people. Except jellyfish are prettier.

I’m just so tired and when I’m tired I get depressed and when I’m depressed I start to question everything in my life and when I start to question everything, I realize how unhappy I can get and when I’m unhappy I start to become discontented; sarcastic; crabby and everyone knows I hate this version of Issa as much as the next person does.

I should sue One Direction for the emotional and physical workload they left upon me this weekend. Ugh. WHYYY DID I HAVE TO GO TO THAT CONCERTTTT??


I’ve always found airports interesting. In my head I’m interviewing every single body I bump into.

“hey, where’re you going?”

To visit a loved one.

To explore.

To find myself.

To go home.

To find better opportunities.

To find love.

To forget love.

We’re all heading somewhere and I wish I knew all the reasons why we do.

— Manila. Casey, Cathy. To dance to semi hot, hopefully half naked men aka One Direction.