Cupcake Fever @ Douce Amor Pastries, Cebu

It’s hard not to fall in love with cupcakes especially when they come in pretty designs and taste better than they look. My sugar intake may be limited but my sweet tooth gave in to temptation one too many times with this box of red velvet cupcakes from Douce Amor Pastries. I truly believe thatContinue reading “Cupcake Fever @ Douce Amor Pastries, Cebu”

30 Things I Learned About My Mom After Traveling To Hong Kong

My mom wasn’t my best friend growing up but she certainly is now. I was a stubborn teenager (and should be adult but dili pa gyud gihapon) and even if I should’ve listened to my mom, I really didn’t. But she was always there for me and she let me learn from my mistakes while indiscreetlyContinue reading “30 Things I Learned About My Mom After Traveling To Hong Kong”

Making The Cover with Sun Star Weekend

 A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to grace the cover our local newspaper’s weekend special. It was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to be on the cover of Sun Star magazine because I got to tell my wonderful city about the things I love: working for our familyContinue reading “Making The Cover with Sun Star Weekend”

Things I Love: Ginabot Dates with My Mom

You know you’re Cebuano if you [1] love ginabot/ chicharong bulaklak and [2] are willing to eat it at the side of the road, plastic in hand. I didn’t start loving this Cebuano delicacy (is it a delicacy?) up until I was in college but since then, I occasionally find myself dragging my mom toContinue reading “Things I Love: Ginabot Dates with My Mom”

Issaplease for Beauty and Beyond (Official Photos and Behind The Scenes)

 Things here at Issaplease have definitely been looking up! I’ve been getting more sponsors and endorsements along with invitations to photo shoots lined up for me which can only means 2 things: that I am very lucky and that my stress levels will also be off the chart in the next weeks to come. OneContinue reading “Issaplease for Beauty and Beyond (Official Photos and Behind The Scenes)”

Can 24 Year Old’s Still Wear Crop Tops?

What do sick girls do to kill time? We blog. I’m probably supposed to be in bed right now but I’ve been so unproductive for the past 2 days that I just wanna get up and run a marathon or something. Ugh. Thank God for back logs! Here’s something that I wore a couple ofContinue reading “Can 24 Year Old’s Still Wear Crop Tops?”

Bank On Basics with Giordano x Movenpick x Cebu Fashion Bloggers

Together with Giordano and Movenpick, the Cebu Fashion Bloggers were tasked to create looks that reflected our individual styles with a basic tee from their Bank On Basics campaign. With today’s fashion constantly changing, it’s always refreshing to go back to your roots and revisit styles that will last for ages and Giordano has definitely providedContinue reading “Bank On Basics with Giordano x Movenpick x Cebu Fashion Bloggers”

Dressed for Success feat. Shop Back

My romper game has officially reached a whole new level and who would’ve thought that sleeves would make all the difference? I’m super glad that I got this beaut from Zalora through ShopBack for cashback! If you guys haven’t tried ShopBack yet, you should definitely check out my blog review about it here and then consider doing some major onlineContinue reading “Dressed for Success feat. Shop Back”

Outdoor Shopping @ The Outlets at Pueblo Verde

Yes, I am still wearing this romper (and this skirt) and yes, I am still as in love with them as I was the first moment I laid eyes on them. I guess there are just some things that do that to you- you know, make you want to love them until you cannot love themContinue reading “Outdoor Shopping @ The Outlets at Pueblo Verde”