Walk It Off

We are currently tired, confused and not to mention physically capable of devouring anything placed in front of you.

If it’s any consideration, at least your appetite is back and you are in bed with beautiful white sheets, fast internet and little baby cousins who love you and who you love back.

Tomorrow will be a long day so maybe we should get some shut eye

Also, it’s time we dreamed of something good again.

I am starting a new adventure today!  I am over the moon, pee in my pants, Im-gonna-burn-some-cash-on-interiors-weeeeh! Happy.

But mostly, I’ll get my clothes back. And my life back. And I’ll be in a “missing” distance from mudrabells keme keme. 

What an exciting day!

Go Getter

I am going places, I can feel it

I’m going to conquer my mountains, cross all my bridges and swim all my seas.

I am going places, I know it. Because I deserve it.

And when I’ve searched every corner and walked every road… I will see that all my roads have always led to you.

Whoever “you” is.

– Backpack na akong dala ana kay mahal kaayo ang overweight baggage 😂

Life is changing in so many ways and I never saw it coming. Suddenly I am changing life plans, game plans- things I thought were already set in stone which have now become bits of sand…

Am I sad? Yes, because I am human.

Am I angry? A part of me feels like it is coming.

But am I glad that it happened? With every bit and piece of my heart.


I don’t need to explain myself/ ourselves to anyone on anyone’s behalf because it has passed, we tried and at the end of a wonderful day… God made it happen.

One day we’ll be happy and one day we’ll look back at what happened and laugh or sigh over what happened and be grateful that it did.


I will be ok even if I am not completely OK right now. But I will be because I always find a way to be.