We booked the church last weekend. April 27, 2019 at 1:30 pm. We were gonna do it in the morning but then that would mean having to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and god knows, I’m not waking up that early. Not even for that.

We’ve been trying to find a house, too. Lately it’s been hits and misses but I think we finally found something we can actually pay off after slaving our days away. I’ve decided to Sims it so I can pretend we’re actually living there and you know… decorate it.

The place is a Spanish type townhouse, aka not my type but it’s got a garden, it’s safe and it has everything we’ve ever wanted (parking space, among other things). But in all honesty and it feels weird to actually say it, but I want to raise babies there. I want our dogs and kids to run around there. I want to be a grown up there.

But we’ll see. Who’s rushing anyways? ☺️

Dear God,

Thank you for today. Nothing amazing happened but I am still grateful.

P.s. Please don’t make my clients call me after office hours. I hate it when they do that. Give them other things to do other than think of me especially during those times.


On the Mondayest Monday Ever

It finally feels like all my dreams are coming true.

I feel like everything I have worked and dreamed and prayed so hard for has led up to today and everything is finally falling into place.

It’s almost as if all the stars have aligned and decided that I would be the one they would bless. Of all the souls in the universe, it actually chose me.

Little Issa would never believe it. I never would have thought.

It’s just happening but if I allow it to, it WILL happen. I must allow it to happen.

I honestly never would have imagined.

I am so freaking proud of myself right now!