The Dust Has Officially Settled

Without a doubt, the number question people will ask you after you get married is- so, how’s married life?

It was cute at first- you’re on a wedding high and everything is great- but after a while, especially when nothing in your life has changed, it gets annoying… and then it starts to get depressing.

Honestly, I suck at being a wife and I also feel like I can’t catch a break.

I feel like nothing I’ve been doing lately has been working out for me. The business is blah, all my friends are either not in Cebu; are busy with their kids or are busy, I can’t get a part time job, my clients haven’t paid me- I’m essentially broke, I’ve been having killer anxiety and stomach flus and it’s sort of making me resent the universe.

I just… wish I was in a better place, yk? mentally, financially, emotionally.

I wish I was more sure of myself.

And I also fucking wish my grandmother would stop bragging about who I married because it really makes me feel like I equate to nothing.

Published by issaplease

An online diary I started when I was 16. I'm not 16 anymore but I still function like one.

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