Merry Christmas <3

fb memories

It just keeps getting better.


Of all my days, in all of my lives, I find myself by your side happy to be alive.

You are as amazing in dreams as you are in my waking and sweetheart, i hate to rhyme but you already know, I am yours for the taking.

I am truly, everything I would have wanted to be; have everything I could ever want and could not ask for more because I have you. 

Good night, you little snore monster. šŸ˜˜



I haven’t talked to you in a while. I have been so busy lately but I will tell you all about these things very soon. You will be shooketh. Ugh, I hate that word but it’s funny to say. Anyways, I’m off to make a new site so I’ll ttyl.

I am so blessed and grateful for this life and for all the opportunities and blessings Inhave received and continue to receive everyday. Universe, please don’t get me wrong and take this away from me but I would really like to crawl inside a hole and not come out for days right now. šŸ˜©

Cebu traffic and just being out the whole day is so stressful! Pfffft.


You can usually tell how I’m feeling by the music I choose to listen to in the morning. today, I’ve got John Mayer on while listing down groceries and what I have to do for the day. 

Coffee, TP, eggs, sandwich ham.

Meeting, proposals, respond to emails.

Yesterday I settled for Paramore and either it was mere timing or I just can’t listen to blaring music anymore but I was angsty and my head was aching the entire day.

Woke up, bitched at Facebook, bitched at Twitter, slept all day.

You’re watching TV in the living room in front of me. We don’t talk in the mornings most because I’m never awake in the mornings and I know you can get cranky. I’ll try in a little bit but you’re still soo pretty to watch and I can watch you all day.

I could write an entire collection about you. Just about you.

A Year Later…

I am by nature a very sentimental person and therefore I find value in the smallest of things- like anniversaries of moving back home after 2 years, not getting accepted for a visa, you asking me to get back together after having breaking my heart, etc.

There is so much for me to celebrate and be grateful for this year basically, because I survived the last. I survived it and a year later, we’re moving into our 2nd place in the city, I am giving workshops (whether or not people see me fit for it), I am 1/4 ambassadors for this season’s sale (wow) and I just gave you a print out explaining why I was mad at you last night. I am so extra, I know.

A year ago, I remember sitting down, broken hearted on the kitchen table wondering if this was the best my life was going to get and as I look back, I realize how little I thought of myself back them. I thought that I was just going to move back and somehow, finally fit into the mold of what I what people expected me to be. I thought, well, I fucked up so much already- let’s not disappoint the masses- but I was so wrong. So pleasantly wrong.

And so to sum everything up (because call time is at 10 and it is now 9:15), I am extremely grateful to the universe for putting me where I had to be exactly when I had to be there. It is truly in the darkness where we find ourselves and all those other shit people say which is absolutely poetic and stupid at the same time.

It absolutely hurts to remember the hurt sometimes but I like to think that the hurt is good every once in a while especially when we forget to be grateful or loving or grateful. or grateful. I hate remembering these things but I have to but I try my best to do with a happy heart these days.

Happy moving back to Cebu anniversary, Issa. Remember all the things you were so scared of before? well, they’re not so scary anymore.