Things I “need” right now:

  • make up
  • clothes
  • clothes for a wedding
  • shoes
  • everything in my check out bag on Zalora
  • everything on my HEARTS list on Zalora
  • a fridge
  • a microphone
  • lights
  • a bed. i’m so tired.


5 years ago, you told me you loved me for the first time and it’s gotten sweeter each and every day you’ve said it to me after that.

Today is the first valentines dinner at our new place..


While You Are Sleeping

Do not love me because I wish to be loved

Because I am perpetually obsessed with the thought of someone thinking of me as the sun and the stars in their sky or the earth that they walk on

Do not love me because I smother you with questions of “do you love me?” “do you love me?”

Because sometimes actions are not enough even when they are a hundredfold and I just need to hear it

Do not love me because I love you

Because everything you do and every thought I have has always been and will always be about you

But please love me because it is what your heart wants you to do. Though my egocentric, in constant need of validation, suffocating, crazy, tireless ways may wear you out- even when on the outside I try to act cool but on the inside I’m actually crying at how much I really love you, I hope you can and that you do love me not because I need you to but because you just do.


Thank you for letting me play Uncharted. And for selling the thought of a Nintendo Switch to me. I don’t know if it’s more for me or for you sometimes but what the heck, I want one! lol.

p.s. You are beautiful. I love you.


It’s been such an amazing start of the year- I am revisiting old dreams and making them happen for myself and for our future.

I’ve been cleaning, scrubbing and loving our little nest. It is so beautiful, I don’t care what anyone says, it is ours and it has our PlayStation4 here which makes it bombbbb.

Work has been amazing. I am beaten up, down, side to side but goddd, I LOVE THIS EXHAUSTION. I could use more… and more money, def. lol.

Lord, I’m so tired but I am soo soo grateful always, beyond belief. Thank you for our new coffee table. I still need my fridge and heater! 😀

Something EVERYONE Should Learn

Dear Issa,

A is not albino,

B is not bitch,

C is not cat,

D is not dog,

E is not eagle,

F is not foxy but you’re pretty close so good job,

G is not GANDI,

H is not hello,

I is not Idiot,

J is not for jutz,

K is not kangaroo,

L is not lick,

M is not madagascar,

N is not… well, we can’t use that word here,

O is not olympics,

P is not pizza. But pizza is always a good idea,

Q is not queen,

R is not Ramos,

S is not sexy (but you are. Always remember that!),

T.. well, we know what is,

U is not university,

V is not Virginia (but we miss her dearly),

W is not Wisconsin,

X is Xray,

Y is not yoy

And Z is not Zoo.
Please remember this the next time you give directions or try to spell sonething out. You’re 26 dammit, you should know this shit. 😂

P.s. Was i supposed to learn this in school?

**Happy Dance**


I can also do talks about love, life, how to cook an awesome 5 course meal (even if I’ve never actually made an entire 5 course meal), how to purchase the best car, etc.

Basically, I have acquired the skill to bs my way through everything. just kidding. I’m a horrible liar :))

All jokes aside, I am blessed beyond measure and my heart is so full.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe/ God/ Allah/ The Academy/ My parents/ Netflix/ Yaya Jovey!! Thaaaank yoooooou!

*lights out*