I am so incredibly tormented by the thoughts that I have when I am not controlling them. The dreams I have trouble waking up from. That constant nagging fear and obsession with trying to figure out why they are what they are and where they’re coming from.

I am afraid to close my eyes. I am suddenly so afraid of a million things and I don’t know where they are coming from.


Guess Where I Found Myself Today…


I am so blessed, I have no reason whatsoever to compare & complain.

Thank you, Lord, for my voice/ my thoughts that you think are worthy for others to hear, for the endless opportunities and for constantly making my life better.

A year ago, I was praying for a better life- you gave me more than I deserve.

Thank you.

Barbie Dog

Your eyes, that annoying way you breathe, the way you didn’t like to snuggle when we got you but eventually learned to love, your doggy bag and how you loved it so much, how you hated dogs but you loved people, your dumb dumb ways, how you always couldn’t wait to get in the car, that time I shaved you like a lion and how you wouldn’t come out from under the bed for days, the way you would hide in my shoe closet and 5 1/2 years of you being the best dog anyone could ask for.

I love you, barbie girl, barbie dog, bebe bawbee, our little princess. I wish you didn’t leave me too soon. 😦



it was 11:11 and I suddenly had the urge to ask the universe for one last favor- that you wouldn’t stop loving me… again.

Weird what we wish for sometimes.

Weird-er what our greatest fears are.


It’s god knows what time and I’m waking you up in this sudden need of quenching.

“Give me water! Give me water! UHAW KAAYO KO!”And then I fall right back to sleep.

But there you are, thinking it’s the most important thing in world and there I am, lying almost lifeless, back in my slumber and there you are again, trying to get me to drink water.

It’s early in the morning and we’re laughing about it in the loo. We’re silly creatures, we don’t remember things but we’ll always remember laughing at the dumb stuff.

We’re at a club rn and I wanna crawl into bed with you again.

I used to fear the evenings and falling asleep because i might never wake up but now the nights are my favorite simply because they are always spent next to you.

Never wake me up for water, ok? Only I’m allowed to do that. 😂

It’s Slow and Beautiful Chaos

3 workshops (and hopefully counting…) in a span of a month, my presentations have gone awol on me so I am left to start from scratch, I haven’t answered my emails in 3 days and it’s making me very anxious as I hate having unread and unanswered mail, events for the next 3 days, meetings with clients, a delivery (!!) a flight to cdo for the labor day weekend and a wedding, NO ITINERARY YET (THIS IS MAKING ME ANXIOUS. I NEED TO KNOW!!), looking forward to meeting a few content creators while I’m there and a suitcase that I still need to pack and clothes I still have to buy.

Despite all this chaos, I am taking the time to write to you, to come back to you- my favorite place on earth. Honestly, if it weren’t for you, I don’t think I would be here right now. I don’t think my life would be this beautifully, amazingly chaotic if not for you.

I am grateful more and more each day.

Thank you.

April Fools = My Life



My biggest success in life is being able to FINALLY, FINALLY cook a perfect sunny side up egg. IT’S A RIGHT OF PASSAGE FOR ANY 26 YEAR OLD, COME ONNN! And today, TODAY was going to be the day that I FINALLY would do it… and I did… except nobody told me that: egg from pan -> plate = A WHOLE NEW SKILL SET THAT I DID KNOW ABOUT. So here you go, universe, here’s my “perfect” sunny side up egg… if you look closely, you will see it. </3

Things I “need” right now:

  • make up
  • clothes
  • clothes for a wedding
  • shoes
  • everything in my check out bag on Zalora
  • everything on my HEARTS list on Zalora
  • a fridge
  • a microphone
  • lights
  • a bed. i’m so tired.


5 years ago, you told me you loved me for the first time and it’s gotten sweeter each and every day you’ve said it to me after that.

Today is the first valentines dinner at our new place..